Nice to Meet You.

My name is Myla, and I design beautiful and functional digital experiences. I've worked with a range of companies from start-ups, government-funded, and fine arts organizations to Fortune 100 companies. Before becoming a UX/UI designer about two years ago, I studied architecture at Columbia, backpacked across the country twice, and worked as a graphic designer on-and-off for seven years. 

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Work-Related Facts:

  1. I like the whole process, from research and strategy to pixel-perfect design.
  2. I seek out challenging work. I like to think and I want to work on interesting, complex problems.
  3. I get results. I work hard and don’t settle for par.

Extracurricular Facts:

  1. I enjoy writing and storytelling and used to write and illustrate a column for Jezebel, a subset of Gawker.
  2. I am obsessed with maps! I hiked over 5000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and Continental Divide Trail (CDT) and tracked my route with a GPS in order to help improve trail maps.
  3. I can draw! I studied printmaking in college and every year I illustrate a calendar of inspirational quotes with a friend. Below is one of my favorite quotes by Will Rogers.